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Manufacturing “dock solution products” for as long as Bluff Manufacturing has, it would be hard to find a US company and many Multi-National companies that do not have a Bluff product in there facility somewhere. The tab labeled “Our Customers” shows just a few names you will recognize that rely on Bluff products. We started as a lot of companies do, byservicing industry in our geographical region. For us that would be the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex but that expanded to the southwest and eventually the entire US market along with Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean over the last 4 decades.

One of the ways we have grown is by constant improvement of our product. Our Fort Worth, TX facility processes a massive tonnage of raw materials, both steel and aluminum. We are a piece-rate shop. That means that the individual that has a part in the production of your Bluff ramp or board is not only paid on it’s production but he or she is also held accountable for it’s quality. We have very proud and competent production staff. A job in our plant is valued by our employees and sought after by a long list of applicants. Our turnover rate is extremely low. It is for those reasons that the product has almost zero defects over time.

We not only measure defects, we measure time. Some manufacturers quote delivery time as 4 to 6 weeks. We at Bluff have enough control over our processes to quote in terms of working days. If we have an item in stock (13 locations) it can be picked up next day by freight companies or customers if the order is logged into our system before 3:00 pm. The stock scenario is managed so that it covers 80% of your needs. If you will allow us to build your product from our non-stock but standard products you might be quoted something like 5 working days. If it is a special, really special, you might be quoted 21 work days. Once that delivery time is quoted to you we measure how accurate we are. 2007 YTD (end of October) we are 99.87% ON-TIME (we missed two delivery dates back at the first of the year – by 2 days). Time is important.

Safety is important. Not only are we a safe shop, we worry about your shop as well. In our design, our testing and our application of product we consider “is it safe?”. This lead us to the expensive and time-consuming certification by ANSI for our boards and plates. This same concern carries thru all our products including yard ramps and portable loading docks.

A call to our customer service department, one of our sales managers, our financial staff or our managing team will always confirm Bluff is a good partner for your company.

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