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Stationary Ground-to-Dock Loading Ramps

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For easier handling of freight off docks

Installed from ground to dock without legs

The Bluff Loading Ramp (yardramp) is set in place at concrete or portable steel loading dock when it is unloaded from the trailer. It is secured to the dock by chains or optional dock chain brackets. That’s it, your Bluff yard ramp is ready to use. Steel grating with the bearing bars oriented in the direction of travel gives maximum strength while the serrated top provides excellent traction while preventing build-up of snow, water, and other debris. Solid steel deck approach plates at both ends provide a smooth transition and maximum life for the ramp. (CAUTION: Some competitor’s units use open grating at both ends… this allows the steering wheels of the forklift to twist the bearing bars causing failure).

Specify Your Product

Do you need a Ground-to-Truck Application?

For truck or railcar to ground applications choose a 36′ unit including a level off.

Features for Ground-to-Dock Loading Ramps

Diamond Deck Steel Approach Plates

One of the unique features of a Bluff ramp is the floor plate at each end. Full width and covering the approach and discharge end of the ramps, it:


Serrated grating provides excellent traction and the open design prevents buildup of water, snow, oil, grease and miscellaneous debris. The lower end approach plate provides maximum support and smooth transition onto the ramp grating surface. Approach plate allows fork lift wheels to turn without damage to grating bar.


Multiple Z cross members are welded to the side girders, then self-cleaning steel grating is welded to the Z members to form a one-piece unitized Yard ramp.

Safety Chain

Standard safety chains hold Yard ramp securely to the trailer or dock. Optional dock side chain brackets permanently tie ramp to dock.

Side Curbs

One of the truly unique aspects of the Bluff yard ramp design is it’s side curbs. A full 8″ above the driving surface of the ramp, they offer maximum run-off protection. Not like competitive designs that use tubing which is easily knocked loose, the Bluff curb is a structural part of the overall design.

Options for Ground-to-Dock Loading Ramps


Optional adjustable leg sets can be used to position the Bluff Dock Ramp for use with trailers and containers. The legs should be lowered into place before lift truck traffic begins. This allows the weight to be borne by the ramp itself rather than the legs. For applications where ramp is servicing multiple trucks, we suggest a Truck-to-Ground ramp (with mobile undercarriage.)

Recessed Curb

Sometimes the ramp section that sits on the dock itself interferes with the dock door closing. We can recess the curb (cut it back) by up to 6″. In most cases the door will close on top of the plate with minor adjustments. Call your Bluff service rep for help in getting the right dimensions.