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Yard Ramp Selection Guidlines

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The capacity you select must be greater than the combined weight of your heaviest forklift and the heaviest weight of anticipated loads it will carry plus a safety factor. We recommend starting with three times the rated capacity of your lift truck. If you have multiple shifts or specialized equipment your might talk to your Bluff representative for assistance.

Usable Width

Yard ramps are available in widths to 120” as single widths and beyond that when multiples are combined. We find that 70″ and 84″ widths are the most common, with the 84″ model accommodating more applications. The width should be at least 15″ wider than the widest equipment to be used on the ramp. For railcar use, select the ramp width wide enough to prevent the forklift from hitting the ramp curbs as it turns into the railcar. Consult your forklift manual for radius turning capabilities. Measure railcar door openings to make sure the yardramp will fit. Your Bluff specialist can help you make the best decision.

Type and Length

Straight, 30′ Length

This type is used primarily for ground to dock applications, where no Level off is required.

Level off, 36′ Length

A six-foot Level off at the end of the yard ramp adds maneuverability for forklifts. This allows forklifts easier turning access into railcars and allows them to handle pallets next to the door openings. The 36′ ramp is most popular where end-loading is required. Level off type is noted by the letter “L” following the model number.